Online Lecture MEMORY #3 – Memory & Trauma

Psychologist and Therapist Maria-Evangelia Antoniadou on Memory and Trauma

In this lecture we will discuss about memory and the psychological aspects of a traumatic event, and we will specify the terminology that is used about memory – working, short-term, long-term, etc. It is known that when an individual experiences a traumatic event, their memory can be affected in many ways, trauma might affect their memory for that event, memory of previous or subsequent events, or thoughts in general, most commonly affected area by psychological trauma is the long-term memory (Missing memories, changes to memory, intensified memories.)

Our main goal is to discuss about the psychological aspects of the trauma in respect to the repressed memory or memory, intrusive thoughts and emotions. In the end of the lecture, we will mention the Post-traumatic stress disorder which is a psychological disorder caused by exposure to a terrifying event or ordeal involving the occurrence or threat of physical harm or where a person learns these terrible events happened to a close family member or someone whom they care about. It is one of the most severe and well-known of the different types of psychological trauma.

Maria-Evangelia Antoniadou is a Psychologist, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and Dialectical Behavioral Therapist. She has completed her bachelor Degree in Psychology, Department of Psychology, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and her master degree in “Health Promotion and Prevention of Psychiatric disorders”, Medical School National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Currently she works in private field as well as in the Aeginitio Hospital, Athens University First Clinic as a volunteer Psychologist from 2016 in the Department of Eating Disorders and in the Department of Dialectical Behavioral Disorders of Personality Disorders with Research Associate the Assistant Professor of Psychiatry ofNational and Kapodistrian University of Athens Dr. F. Gonidaki.


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TIME: 5 pm CET, 17/06/2021