Lecture : “Examples to Follow! Expeditions in Aesthetics and Sustainability”

Si comunica che, nell’ambito del progetto Eu4art, il 26 novembre alle ore 17.00 si svolgerà un incontro in lingua inglese  sulla piattaforma Zoom con la curatrice e pubblicista Adrienne Goehler organizzato  dall’Hochschule fur Bildende Kunste  di Dresda

Gli studenti di Roma per partecipare devono registrarsi esclusivamente a questo indirizzo email: v.berchicci@abaroma.it entro il 25/11/2020


This week, we will have the symposium „Handmade Tales“ at the HfBK Dresden.

Therefore, the Thursday evening lecture will be presented in that context, and not as a part of the „Material Method Meaning“ lecture series.

Berlin based curator and publicist Adrienne Goehler will speak about „Examples to Follow! Expeditions in Aesthetics and Sustainability“.


Since 2010, the touring exhibition EXAMPLES TO FOLLOW! expeditions in aesthetics and sustainability | ETF! has been bringing together artistic perspectives/concepts, scientific and inventive practices with relevance to everyday culture worldwide to make the cultural dimension of sustainability visible.       In currently 69 works from 27 nations, ETF! addresses topics such as biodiversity, renewable energies, nuclear energy, water, sustainable consumption, old cultural techniques such as the extraction of Terra Preta, re- and upcycling, rare earths, overexploitation and sealing of surfaces. And  works on flight, expulsion, hunger, debt (reduction) and democratization. At each new exhibition site, the peculiarities of local, artistic, scientific and environmental activist competence are interwoven. ZNE! is actively promoting a Fund Aesthetics and Sustainability | FAS to make visible and strengthen artistic competence for the great transformation.

www.z-n-e.info  and Fb@ZNExpeditions